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Some Great Home Brew Tools
Antenna Calculator Here - How Long to Cut it.
Great Circle Map Maker - Aim your Antenna
Get your Latitude and Longitude Here
GPS Visualizer Calculator
Google Compass - Layout your beverages with this tool


Home Brew Projects and Presentations
Click The Links Below. You can stop and Start these videos as needed. For any help feel free to Contact Me.
Also check the gallery page for tower videos, photos of my shack, Ariel videos and more!


Top Band DXing By NY4G Ariel Jacala & MATT HOLLEY KU4XO

The ND7J Launcher

Home Brew Antennas - Loops / Verticals / Beverages

Bi Directional Beverage By Gary Wise, W4EEY

Remote Your Shack From W4EEY

630 Meters, "The New Band" Experimental License -
By David N1DAY and Ernie KC4SIT

Break the Pile Up / DX amd Contesting Tips / Tricks By Kevan - Coming Soon




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