2 - Icom 7800's
Kenwood TS2000 
Yeasu 2900 (Mobile)


Beams / Towers.

Tower # 1
Rahn 25, Tilt Over Base with self standing winch Pole, and 3500# Electric Winch for raising and lowering.
Tower #2 
Tristao 72 foot Self Supporting, With Tilt Base
Tenedyne T8 Log Periodic 10M - 20M
Force 12 - 230 / 240 | 30M-40M


Wire Transmit / Recieve Antennas.

160M Inverted "L"
80M Vertical 
80M Full Wave Delta Loop
40M Vertical


Receive Only Antennas.

300 Foot Beverage @ 38 Degrees
300 Foot Beverage @ 270 Degrees
300 Foot Beverage @ 165 Degrees
  K9AY Array



Alpha 99 1.5Kw

Ameritron ALS 600 600 W

Heath Kit SB-500 500W


Upcoming Projects For - 2017 / 2019

Tower # 2 (Tristao 72 Foot Free Standing Crank Up)

80 Meter 2 Element Beam
For Sale

10 / 15 / 20 C31 Beam
Awaiting Tower to Put Up

New Receive Array

3 Vertical Phased 160 / 80 / 40 Receive Array
Verticals Assembled, Awaiting "THAW"

Switching & Lightning Protection.

Ameritron RCS-4 
K9AY - 4 Direction K9AY
3 Alpha Delta to select Radios, Beverages, Antennas
Home Brew SO2R 5 Antenna / 2 Radio Switch
7 Poly Phasers / 5 Beverage Lightning Arrestors
All Control wire protected with MOV's


Professional Work.

ND7J - Bob has been a self employed photographer for 40 years, shooting NASCAR and equestrian events through out the Southeastern USA. I travel on weekends, and work from my Home Office / Ham Shack during the week. Along with Photography, I am also a Web and Graphics Designer. I hold a 100 Ton Masters Captains License w/ Sail Endorsement. I have logged well over 30,000 Nautical miles on all of the Great Lakes as well as the Atlantic, Pacific Oceans and the Gulf Of Mexico. In Addition, I have traveled the Intercoastal water way from end to end, and have moved yachts through the Great Lakes to the Florida Coast, as well as the Gulf Coast of Florida via the Mississippi River.

Ham History.

I was first licensed in March of 2013 as a "Tech" It was my intention to get a Tech license only, so I could operate my first radio, a Beofang HT. It only took a short time for me to advance into the HF and DX areas of Ham Radio. I took my General test in August of 2013 and passed, and soon after I become extra class, after passing the Test in May of 2014. I am currently interested in Contesting and DX mainly, however I do do many things in Ham Radio.

I have 295 Countries contacted with 281 confirmed in LoTW. I am active mainly in SSB, however I have recently started learning CW, and have become active in the digital areas as well, mainly RTTY. I have DXCC on 10 / 12 / 15 / 17 / 20 / 40 / and I am closing in on 80 meter DXCC, which will give me my 5 band DXCC. I have received my Challenge Plaque after hitting 1000 Challenge Points.


QSL Information.

QSL Info:
LoTW Upload The End of Each Day 
Robert Cieszesnki
P.O. Box 575
Edneyville, NC 28727
For USA: Send Your Card + a SASE.
Out of USA: Send Your Card + a SAE + $3.00 US 
Pay Pal Accepted: $3.00 to
Include your FULL QSO Details or Rejected.
If you request a card and follow these instructions I will 100% to ALL QSL Requests. If you do not follow these instructions your request is discarded.