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ND7J QTH Located on 1 Acre of Land. I have all Antennas and Towers within the 1 Acre.

The wire antennas are well hidden and are not really noticeable. I have painted the tower flat black, and although it is present, it is not an eyesore. My neighbors cannot really see it unless they really look. All wires have been carefully located so they cross at 90 degrees making them all very usable. I plan on the 2nd tower instal to begin soon. I have not decided on what will be in it, but I may put up a C31. This would be for the ability to run 2 stations at one time.. BUT time will tell.

The antennas are mainly home brew wires, both Transmit and receive, with the beams being the exception. The Beams work VERY well, and with my 2500 foot elevation I get great take off angles, and have no problem working the world. My biggest problem is the China / and Malaysia areas of the world, but not impossible.


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