• SCDXA Charter Members

    The Guys Who Started the SCDXA. The SCDXA was created by the Current president, David Stansell W4KA. The group began several years back, however it never got up to speed. In 2014 the fire was rekindled, and we now have 63 SCDXA Members and 67 Reflector members. This list is the Charter Membership Group.

    Jack N Norris - W4TWX
    Bob Cieszenski - ND7J
    Bill Chartier - N4IQ
    Gene M Creasy - W4FHJ
    Ron Langston - WE5O
    James Porterfield - K9JDP
    Tom Rouse - N0TR

  • SCDXA Membership

    Mark Allendorf - KM4AHP
    Dave Anderson - K4SV
    Tim Bork - K4POT
    Richard Brannen - KA3JCA
    Scott Carter - KW4JM
    Phil Chartier - AC4Q
    Matthew D Collier - WM4AA
    David Day - N1DAY
    Ray Drause - W9BN
    John Dudley - K2YN
    Ken Flanagan - W4KFF
    Bradley R Fox - K3BR
    Brian Frazier - N4BAF
    Charles Hall - K8SOR
    Sid Hendricks - W4IOE
    Ernie Hollingsworth - KC4SIT
    Matt Holley - KU4XO
    David Ivey - KE9EA
    Vikki Ivey - KS4VJ
    Rusty Kirkpatrick - WU2T
    Sabina Kruger - K4SAB
    Bob Partain - KF1P
    Mary Pinson - N4MRY
    Maurice Rice - KA4NIV
    Richard Tillotson - WA4SSJ
    Tom Walton - KZ4M
    Larry Young - KK4QOB
    James Buckner - W4WOZ
    Matt Case - WG4MC
    Dan Galt - KJ4TID
    Judy Galt - KM4VJC
    Vladimir Karamitrov - N3CZ
    Gary Robinson- KI4DOS
    Chad Robinson - KN4CNK
    Barry Wyatt - KN4T
    Sandra Stansell - AA4L
    Donna Kinsler -KC4MFK
    Larry Kinsler - KK4JBQ
    Greg Lambert -K1IT
    Phil Gardner - W4NGU
    Gary Myers - K9RX
    Kevan Nason - N4XL
    James W Morrison, Jr - W4YDX
    Steve Schnaubelt - KM4RIU
    Enrique Urrea-Mendoza-KN4EUM
    Robert D. Boroughs - KC6MC
    James Robinson-KN0MESM
    Melvyn Robinson-KN4GB

  • Meetings

    The SCDXA Meetings are held every 3rd Thursday of each month. We meet at
    Mythos Greek & Italian Restaurant
    6140 W Wade Hampton Blvd,
    Taylors, SC 29687 at 6 PM. During our meeting we enjoy great comorodory, and a nice meal. After Dinner we have an informative presentation on a ham radio related topic. This is presented by a member or a gust speaker. Our meetings begin a 6:00PM, and normally end at about 8:30 PM. XYL's (wifes) are always welcomed, and encouraged to come. If you are not a licensed ham, no problem you are welcome. If your interested in getting into Ham Radio, this is a great place to start. We have many experianced mambers who are always willing to assist you in gettng started. SCDXA also offers classes to get licensed. You can get the info on our classes at any meeting or by using the link above. If you have questions feel free to contact us. Our contact info is below. Our Club is a no dues club, and everyone is welcome to join us!

  • Officers of the SCDXA

    W4KA David Stansell - President
    ND7J Bob -Web Master / Presentations
    W4EEY Gary - Presenter, Upgrade Training
    KE9EA DAVE - Upgrade Training
    Tom KZ4M - Upgrade Training
    K9JDP JIM - Presenter, Equipment Manager
    N4IQ BILL - Upgrade and Training,Presenter, Advisor
    NY4G ARIEL- Presenter, Advisor
    DAVE K4SV- Presenter, Advisor
    PAUL W4FC - ARRL Card Checker
    FRED K4RM - Activity Director

  • Become a Member

    Becoming a member is easy. Just come to a meeting. We are a no dues club. Check out the "Meeting" Link above for information on the meeting location. Just getting into Ham Radio, or thinking about it? You do not have to be licensed to come to our meetings.

  • Join the Reflector

    Can't make it to a meeting, live to far? No problem You can join the SCDXA refelctor Group. Here we offer online posts, and much more. You do need to be a licensed Ham to join. Just go to the reflector and request to join, or conatct Bob, ND7J at bob@nd7j.com. Request a membership in the SCDXA Reflector. Be sure to inclue your contact info, and your call sign. Once we review your request, you will recieve an invitation to join the reflector in your e mail.

  • Group Contesting

    The SCDXA is a DX and contest club. We enjoy DXing ,and contesting. We also do group contesting at a variety of locations. Contact Bob, (bob@nd7j.com) if you would be interested in joining a team to contest.

  • Nancy Mountain

    Nancy Mountain, owned by Fred, K4RM is where we hold our annual group weekend. Join the fun, come up on the mountain and work DX for the weekend. Lots of Fun, Food, and DXing too! Operate from an elevation of 3200 feet at picturesque Nancy Mountain. 2 Fully operational stations, housing and more. Contact Bob, ND7J for more info and dates. Bob@nd7j.com