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If your having radio Issues I may be able to help. I offer onsite tech support services. These include antenna analyzation, coax checking and More. Need some ideas in your shack, or tower placement. give me a call. I can discuss pricing with you on a variety of services. I also offer tower install, and much more. Anything related to setting up your shack. I offer local as well as distant assistance. A list of my services are listed below, and include many more, so if your not sure plase call or contact me.

We offer onsite and Phone consultations on a variety of things.

Shack Design / Antenna Testing / Antenna Placement / Tower Install and Removal / Lightning Protection / Grounding Services / Antenna Assesment / Connectors, Coax, Control Cable / Control Cabinets / Ham Radio Computer Software / Web Sites and QRZ Pages / QSL Cards, Design and Printing / Ham Radio (DX) Tutoring / Custome Build Desks, Risers / Advice and More!









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